Why BookinBro?

Isn’t it fun going to weddings? You get all dressed up, watch as the cute couple agrees to love each
other until the end of time, and maybe you even dance a little at the reception? And later, as you’re
walking to your car, you have genuine feelings of warmth just remembering the beautiful ceremony
and the fabulous time you had celebrating the beginning of their enduring love.

And after that, for reasons unknown, we stamp that life occasion off the rundown, never to be
commended again. Why do we do this? Does their affection for each other turn out to be less
essential as time passes by? Do we genuinely trust they will now live cheerfully ever after without
any obstructions? (We know better, right?)

This year, we asked ourselves why not make it a point to praise the couples throughout their life as
love is as critical for our mind and body as oxygen. There should be no reason for the festival of love
to be over when the truth be told, there’s ought to be a consistent festival for the couples,
empowering them as they develop together sharing God’s, ideal love.

We believe that love knows no age, no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of
bringing people together to a time called forever.

That being said, we present to you BookinBro.

BookinBro provides couples in India with a platform where they can book hotels of their choice in
their favourite cities at the lowest price possible.
From the unmarried 18-year-olds to those commending their 50th wedding ceremony we treat
everyone the same. Our motive is to remove the taboo and promote love in the country.
Can’t celebrate love all day? Don’t worry we have options there as well 8,12 or 24 hours as per your

When two people join together, promising to honor God and each other and to support each other
as they grow together in faith, do you think God stops celebrating after the reception? No way and
neither should you.

Book with us today at www.bookinbro.com and join us in our journey of celebrating love as an everyday festival.

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    Posted by Shiv Tyagi| October 5, 2018 |Reply

    This article made my day!

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