Love, Sex And India

India is a place like no other with regards to sex.

Police strike inns where canoodling couples attempt to grab private minutes. Gay accomplices can confront criminal indictment, while second marriages are effectively disheartened in numerous spots.

Pre-marriage sex isn’t, in fact, a wrongdoing, yet it is legitimately sufficiently questionable it took a Supreme Court choice a couple of years prior to elucidate that couples couldn’t be sent to imprison for matrimonial relations outside of marriage.


Since our childhood, our parents have always tried to keep us away from talking about sex freely. Whatever we came to know of about it was through some of our school friends. During biology classes when we would be taught about human reproduction, the students in the back benches would giggle. The teachers would smirk but would never really deal with the core issue.

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Love, Sex and India


At home, dinner table conversations would revolve around politics and even murders but never about rape or sexual harassment. Those were things only adults could talk about. Sex is unthinkable in India. When we’re youngsters, guardians feel that we are youthful to think about this. When we progress toward becoming teenagers, our folks feel modest discussing it. Purchasing condoms results in individuals taking a gander at you with stun and sterile cushions are given in dark plastic sacks since no one should think about them.

Love, Sex and India

We believe that the problem is in the root of the Indian mentality;

People in those days in India, which was a British state, had the absence of instruction. Many of them got proficient, yet tragically, their psychological improvement towards the general public stayed unaltered. The essential human instinct doesn’t enable them to change their attitude to the detriment of a falling inner self before an unpractised age.

Gents in those days were of commanding nature on the women, and the women were modest. There was no solid communication between them. In this way, they never encountered a live-in. When they see these days, that live-in is expanding, they can’t endure the way that the general public is evolving.


Love, Sex and India

Some individuals venture a false explanation behind being religious and consequently they see this thing as a wrongdoing. They assemble individuals of a similar attitude and make a gathering to contradict the live-in idea. For the most part, these three reasons are especially interrelated and individuals, for the most part, restrict the idea on account of a blend of every one of these reasons.

In any case, the issue doesn’t lie in love, sex or relationships.


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