Reasons why Spending Time with your Partner is Worthy

How well is your relationship going? Smooth, great, and amazing? We are loving if this is the
case. But are you doing it all for your relationship? Are you totally aware of how your partner
is? Do you think just talking on the phone everyday with your girlfriend or boyfriend is
enough? Well, it is great to talk on the phone daily and have a smooth conversation but in
every relationship there is more than just talking on the phone.
Do you wanna know what else should be done than just talking on the phone and going on
dinner dates? It is spending some personal time together and staying together in bits and
pieces. Check the blog to know why you must spend some personal time with your partner.
1. To Know How they Sleep
Well, there are certain things you would never be able to know about your partner until you
stay with them. And one such thing is their sleeping habit.
You gotta know whether they kick you while sleeping or roll over the whole bed!
2. Does he snore or not?
If you are thinking about having a long-term relationship with your partner then you gotta
know whether they snore or not.
These things can bring you closer, maybe.
3. How hygienic are they!
How they eat, how they take bath, how they spend their day off, are the kind of things you
would never know just by talking on the phone.
4. How they behave to the room service facility
These are manners and you must know how well mannered your partner is. Room service is
kind of a free service so you got to check out how they behave to these services.
These itsy bitsy things are really important to know about your partner.

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5. To check how they love to spend their whole days
Also, along with this, you need to check how compatible they are with you. Compatibility
should be everywhere from dining out to dining in.
6. How much Comfortable are they with you
Staying full time with you is something you guys have not done a lot so you would never
know how comfortable they are with you and vice versa.
Take these small breaks together to get more comfortable with each other.
7. How they are when up close and personal
This is a common scenario. How you guys behave with each other on the phone and how
guys behave with each other when in reality are two different scenarios. You will need to see
these differences in your relations.
8. Are they excited with you for the whole day love
How do they react and how do they behave when they have to spend the whole days with
you? Are they excited or are they not?
If not, you must take it seriously.
9. Do they miss their friends?
Are they always on the phone even while with you? Are they missing their friends? Are you
being boring for them?
If they miss their friends while they are with you, there is a lot of spark missing in your
relationship for sure.
10. What is more important to them? Sex or love?
This is the most important thing that you need to check on with your partner. Are they taking
a staycation with you for spending some time or only for sex.
Check it out, everyone.
11. To simply do nothing with them
After you are done with all these things, you just got to stay with them and do nothing for the
whole day. You will know your partner a lot better when in this situation.
Well, who needs a reason anyway to spend time with your partner! Every reason is a reason.
We gave you few more reasons and now it is the time to head out.
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